Kitchen Collection

I love to cook so a lot of what you’ll see here are functional items that provide joy to the routine of cooking. Since 2007 I have crafted 20 different sized and shaped purse cutting boards. An added advantage is that they have a handle and can hang on a wall to become art in your kitchen. I also make non-purse cutting boards some of which are shown here. Need a special keepsake wedding or anniversary gift that will be cherished by the recipients? See the heart-shaped, butcher block cutting board that includes the couple’s special date engraved along the side!

Like what you see? I am happy to discuss any purchase you might want to make or commission piece you are thinking of having created. The purse and non-purse cutting boards are priced between $35 and $55 depending on the size, complexity and woods used. Pie servers are $24 each, spatulas are $16 each and fishy spreaders are $14 each. The Special Date Cutting boards are 16”x10” and are $150 (please allow 2 to 4 weeks). Learn more about buying here.